Encouragement to check out LYF Moments Blog:

“Mari, a friend of mine and an amazing woman, is “living her faith” and has begun a blog to share what God has done and is doing in her life to be an encouragement to others as we “live our faith.” She is the real deal…a real person with past and present struggles just like the rest of us who has been given a calling and gift and is choosing to “listen.” I encourage you to follow her blog as I know you are in store for some great encouragement and insight.” ~ Wendy

Review for Living in the Light of God’s Love: Walk This Way:

“I highly recommend Mari’s study, so much so that I have gifted 12+ people with it! As one who has read and gone this study, I can say it helped me grow in way I was not expecting. It challenged me to look deeper at who I am, who I desire to be, more specifically who I am in Christ and what His desire it is for me. I gained a deeper understanding of LOVE and how I can express love, love to Him, love to myself and love to others. I have grown in my ability to hear and see God in my life, to know who I am in Christ. It’s about action, my response to Him in all things, in all places, to all people… all the time. I encourage you to take the step, the time to dig in to this study you will be glad you did…I know you’ll be changed! Thank you Mari for your obedience, May God continue to Bless you in the gift He has given you… Looking forward to the next study!” ~ Cheryl

Comments from women who attended and completed the Living On Purpose Bible Study:

“I gained much with examining my relationship with God, family and friends. As women we struggle with issues of forgiving ourselves, having a good attitude toward one another and working hard at pleasing our families to the expense of ourselves at times.”

“It was a totally new look at what God expects of me as a woman. Very motivating to see it from the perspective of wanting to please God through serving Him and others, and not about my competency or accomplishments.”

“We all struggle with the same issues as women. Some issues affect us more than others. We can be there for each other to offer support, comfort and encouragement!”

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