All We Need!

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

How do you compare a woman to a merchant ship and not offend her? The first thought that comes to mind is that it is huge!!! It is like a work horse. It carries the weight of the cargo, workers, and supplies all on its own. It travels long distances with no rest. No woman wants to be compared to a merchant ship!

And yet the Bible does just that. The advice to a son is that a woman who is like a merchant ship is a good thing. Why?

“She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.” Proverbs 31:14 (NIV)

Considering my original thoughts, someone comes to mind who is strong, resourceful, capable, and well prepared for whatever comes her way. Another woman explained how she imagined a merchant ship to be exotic, unique and exquisite. She now sounds practical, beautiful and adventurous! Wow! Maybe it’s not so bad to be compared to a merchant ship.

Do you wonder, “Is this me? Am I all these things?” These are questions that have often, too often gone through my mind. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • Sometimes I’m weak and I don’t want to deal with things or I just break down and cry.
  • Sometimes I don’t know how I’m going to do what needs to be done.
  • Where am I going to find the time that I need?
  • Do I know and understand enough about what I’m trying to accomplish or what someone else expects me to be able to accomplish?
  • Am I ready when I need to be ready?
  • Have I done everything in my power to be ready?

There are times in life when these questions can cause us to get wound up and shut down. There is just too much to think about, too much to do, too much to manage.

“Because we know that this extraordinary day is just ahead, we pray for you all the time — pray that our God will make you fit for what he’s called you to be, pray that he’ll fill your good ideas and acts of faith with his own energy so that it all amounts to something. If your life honors the name of Jesus, he will honor you. Grace is behind and through all of this, our God giving himself freely, the Master, Jesus Christ, giving himself freely.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11 (MSG)

The truth is we are called to do what God wants us to do; nothing more, nothing less. He gives us what we need when we need it. He gives us more than we can ever imagine. When we give ourselves freely to Jesus, we bring Him honor and He honors us as well, providing all we need.

Do you trust Him to give you what you need? Provide for you the resources, the opportunities, and the desire to accomplish what He has called you to do? Through Christ we have all we need.

Something to Consider…

When you feel like the activities, obligations, or situations you find yourself in are too much for you, where do you go? Who or what do you turn to? Ask God to show you anything you are doing that He has not called you to do. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into those situations or activities He does want you involved with and give you His strength to accomplish all He asks. Write a prayer of thanksgiving for His provision, strength and guidance in all situations.

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